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Matrimonial Matter

We understand that family issues can be difficult for those involved, especially on an emotional and personal level. We approach each case with the openness and care due to such trying issues, offering personalised guidance and assistance where we can.

N SQUARE LAW FIRM has an extensive background in family law cases of varying complexities. Whether you’re looking for advice on a particular issue, seeking a divorce or have faced domestic abuse, our team will always listen and handle your case with the utmost privacy. Each case will be handled by the member of our team most suited to advising on your legal strategy and the steps to move forward.

We frequently have past clients recommending our services to friends and family which is a testament to the high quality and effective work which the team does for our clients.

We work with a network of trusted specialists to assist us with elements such as forensic accountancy, private investigation, financial planning and wealth management to help support your case.