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Why POSH (Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Work Place )Training Is Important For Employees And Management In An Organization

Article 11 of the CEDAW, to which INDIA, is a party requires states to take all appropriate measures to eliminate discrimination against women in the field of employment. Equality in employment can be seriously impaired when women are subjected to gender specific violence such as sexual harassment at workplace.

Article 21 of the Constitution which relates to the right to life and personal liberty includes the right to live with dignity and in case of women it means that they must be treated with due respect, decency and dignity at the workplace.

Sexual Harassment at workplace is considered violation of women rights to equality, life and liberty and in an organization it creates a hostile work environment for women which discourages their social and economic growth and company’s goal of inclusive growth for all employees. Organizations spends tons of money for employee’s recruitment, growth and engagement. They strive hard to create a healthy work environment and seek to be the best place to work for and be an equal opportunity employer. Hence it becomes even more important to ensure sexual harassment does not becomes a hindrance to organization’s goal of healthy environment for all gender workers.

Sexual harassment is a sensitive subject wherein a lot of times lack of awareness creates unnecessary situations and unwanted cases of misconduct etc. which could have been easily prevented. The act empowers women to secure their rights, encourages them to speak about sexual harassment and take all necessary support required, however at the same time there are times when the laws are misused by employees and it’s used as a tool to threaten management by malicious complaints and take advantage to their favor in terms of securing job promotions, safeguarding themselves from corrective actions, avoid removal due to conduct or performance, extort money or other such advantages. Here in organization need to be sensitized along with it’s management and supervisory staff, right addressal at the right stage is necessary to prevent and prohibit sexual harassment and to avoid that grey zone wherein malicious complaints occur. Hiring an external committee member might not be an only effective solution to varied complexities involved. A better solution lies in thorough training and workshop on POSH through a Legal Expert Firm, which not only gives redressal but it proactively creates a system in place for sexual harassment effective prevention at work place.

N SQUARE LAW Firm has been conducting or providing POSH programmes for a long time. Our focus is to create an enabling work environment in the organization which encourages equality and creates a healthy environment for women resulting in organizations to become best place to work at. From the constitution of the Internal Complaints Committee, participation as member of committee, to Inquiry into the complaint, Training programmes on prevention of Sexual Harassment to enabling employers meet obligations and their duties as per the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013, we provide Complete End to End Facilitation.