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N SQUARE LAWFIRM Is Synonymous With The Highest Quality Legal Advice And Service.

We are a Full Service Law Firm with all legal solutions under one roof with the sole aim of providing the Best Integrated Legal Service to our Clients. Our strength is our Team of Experienced and Trained Lawyers who treasure the value of diligence and knowledge with creativity and innovation in addressing our client’s needs. We have team of seasoned Lawyers, MBA’s and Chartered Accountants who are experienced professionals in International and Domestic Markets including Fortune 500 Companies.

On PANEL of State Government various Departments including Haryana Sahitya Academy, Haryana Power Utilities, Haryana Financial Corporation, Forest Development Corporation

We advise individuals, families, businesses, financial services, educational and not-for-profit organizations on every aspect of the Law, wherever the need arises. From our offices in Gurgaon and Faridabad, we work with trusted professionals to deliver a seamless service.

Our clients present us with complex and varied challenges. Whether that's a complicated family trust issue, a multinational corporate transaction, or an emerging threat to their reputation, they need clear thinkers who can advise on the best solutions, fast thinkers when speed is of the essence and agile thinkers who can produce a fresh approach to get the job done. That's why they choose US.

Our clients value our in-depth knowledge, technical excellence and diversity of disciplines. And what really binds our long-standing relationships with them is our approach: pragmatic, plain speaking and always steadfast in our values, which we hold dear. Values which mean we gain our clients' trust, always strive to do the right thing, and aim for the best results for them.

Excellent client service sits at the heart of everything we do. We are modern lawyers with timeless values.

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Our history of winning cases are 99% Success

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Security system of our team is so great & wonderful.

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